Etsuko Nakatsuji 中辻 悦子


After working as an advertisement designer, Etsuko Nakatsuji, held her first solo exhibition in Tokyo Gallery in 1963 which was followed by solo exhibitions in various other locations. For more than 60 years, she has been active in many fields, those of paintings, sculpture and printmaking, etc, with “hitogata (the human form)” as her primary motif. She has also achieved international acclaim, as testified by the international awards she had received: 1998, First Prize, the Contemporary Prints Competition Exhibition; 1999, the Grand Prize at Biennial of Illustration Bratislava (BIB).

2022「 起・承・転・転」BBプラザミュージアム、兵庫
2021「WHO IS THIS? あなたは、誰(だあ)れ」宝塚市立文化芸術センター、兵庫
2019「ひとのかたちときのかたち」Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery、大阪
2014「中辻悦子展残像—ひとのかたち」高島屋大阪店ギャラリーNEXT(2004,2000, アートサロン)
2006「個展」信濃橋画廊、大阪(2003,200l , 1998, 1996, 1994, 1992)

2018「具体を超えて」+松谷武判+中辻悦子展 アキギャラリー、台北
2015「元永定正+中辻悦子展」Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery、大阪
        「空間へ向かって、草月プラザ vs 12人の作家たち」草月プラザ・草月ギャラリー、東京

震災復興モニュメント(元永定正と共作・ 神戸市)

Main solo Exhibitions(after 2000)
2022 Nakatsuji Etsuko “Intro, Development, Development, Development …” BB Plaza Museum, Hyogo, Japan
2021 “WHO IS THIS,”, Takarazuka Arts Center, Hyogo, Japan
2019 “Human Figure and Shapes of Wood”, Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery, Osaka, Japan
2017 “Etsuko NAKATSUJI” Gallery Yamaki Fine Art, Hyogo, Japan.
         “Etsuko NAKATSUJI” Hyogo Guest House Prefectural Government Museum, Hyogo, Japan.
2014 “ Afterimage – Hito no Katachi” Gallery NEXT, Takashimaya, Osaka(2004,2000 Art salon)
2009 “Solo Exhibition” Gallery Suzuki, Kyoto, Japan. (2006, 2003)
2006 “Solo Exhibition” Shinanobashi Gallery.Osaka (2003,2001, 1998, 1996, 1994, 1992)
2005 “Etsuko NAKATSUJI” Gallery Shimada, Kobe (2002, 2001)
2002 “Thinking of Life and junior high-school students” ltami City Museum of Art, Hyogo
2000 “ Aizu(Sign)-eyes- Hito no Katachi, lro no Katachi-red /white/ black-” Gallery Nii Tokyo, Tokyo

Main group Exhibitions(after 2000)
2018 “- and further- +Takesada   MATSUTANl+Etsuko NAKATSUJI” AKI Gallery,Taipei
        “The Sankaku to ten (Etsuko NAKATSUJI, Beniko MOTONAGA , Morihiko KAWASHIMA+Sadamasa MOTONAGA), Gallery Shimada, Hyogo
2015 “Sadamasa MOTONAGA + Etsuko NAKATSUJI” Yosiaki Inoue Gallery, Osaka, Japan
2014 “Mo-yan and Ecchan’s Original Pictures of Illustrated Book, The Picture Story Book continues” BB Plaza Museum of Art, Hyogo
2012 “What words and art connects – Homage for Yusuke NAKAHARA” Gallery Yamaki Fine Art, Hyogo, Japan
2010 “Mo-yan and Ecchan loves Picture Book/ and Original Pictures of Illustrated Book” Akashi City Museum of Culture, Hyogo, Japan.
2009 “Mo-yan and Ecchan House of Picture Book” Niitsu Art Museum, Niigata / Kurashiki City / Art Museum, Okayama / Shimonoseki City Art Museum, Yamaguchi, Japan
2007 “Michio FUKUOKA + Etsuko NAKATSUJI” Sakai City Cultural Hall, Osaka
         “Mo-yan, Ecchan House of Picture Book” ltami City Museum of Art, Hyogo
2004 “Elements of Art [Five Rooms]” Otani Memorial Art Museum, Nishinomiya city, Hyogo
         “100 Artists connected with Hyogo” Harada no mori Gallery, Hyogo
         “Sadamasa MOTONAGA + Picture Book Exhibition” ILF Doga Museum of Art, Nagano, Japan
         “Bratislava International Picture Book Exhibition – The Expanding World of Picture Books -” Urawa Art Museum, Nara Prefectural Museum of Art, Akita Museum of Modern Art, Chiba City Museum of Art
2002 “18th Bienale ilustracii Bratislava 2001” Special Exhibition with production on site, Bibiana- Medzinarodny dom umenia pre deti, Slovakia
         “Picture Books and Contemporary Art Exhibition with Etsuko NAKATSUJI + Sadamasa MOTONAGA” Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto
         “Japanese Excellent Art Exhibition” Takashimaya Nihombashi Store, Tokyo/ Takashimaya Osaka Store, Osaka
         “Towards space, SogetsuPlaza vs 12artists” Sogetsu Gallery,Tokyo
2001 “Picture Book Recipe Exhibition” Karuizawa Picturebook Museum, Nagano, Japan
2000 Exhibition of Shuntaro TANIKAWA’s “Yoru no yochien (Night Kindergarten)” at Setagaya Literary Museum, Tokyo
         “Bienale ilustracii Bratislava Japan Tour” Exhibiting at Chihiro Art Museum and five other venues within Japan
         “Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2000” Exclusive Invitation to tour seven venues across Italy, America and Japan

Public Collections
Hyogo Prefectural Museum of YAMAMURA Collection
Osaka Prefectural Contemporary Art Center
Otani Memorial Art Museum,Nishinomiya City
Sakai City I Kansai Rosai Hospiyal
Toyama Prefectural Museum(Shuzo TAKIGUCHI Collection)
Hyogo Guest House / BB Plaza Museum(Hyogo)
Kobe Prefectural Nada-no-hama earthquaik disaster recovery monument(Collaboration With Sadamasa MOTONAGA)
Akashi-shi Okura Coast Monument “Eleven Heart” (Collaboration with Sadamasa MOTONAGA)