Ebosi Yuasa ユアサエボシ


架空の私は、1924 年に生まれ、1987 年に 63 歳で死去した。
画家を目指し 16 歳で福沢一郎絵画研究所へ通いシュルレアリスムと出会う。 戦後は進駐軍がもたらしたアメリカ文化の影響をうけ、山下菊二らが結成した前衛美術会に参加し……、これら架空の略歴を参照しながら、当時実際にありえたかもしれない作品を作り続けることで架空の画家を演じる。

My imaginary self was born before the Second World War.
He was born in 1924 and passed away in 1987 at the age of 63.
With the aim of becoming a painter, at the age of 16 he discovered surrealism through Ichiro Fukuzawa’ s group of disciples.
He was influenced by American culture due to the presence of US Occupation Forces in Japan, and joined up with Kikuji Yamashita’ s group of painters.
He joined the Zenei-Bijyutsu Kai. This biography, while fictional, is my reference point for acting the part of this fictional painter and continuing to make his work which he would have himself made at the time.

This imaginary character is gradually rounded out through this art creation, and after he died the real mewanted to creep into a gap in the history of this “lie” , a lie that the imaginary artist Yebosi Yuasa actually existed.

I think this also permits me to recapture the present day in more diverse ways, by distancing myself from the present time.

架空の三流画家 ユアサヱボシの略歴
1924年( 0 歳)千葉県東葛飾郡布佐町 生まれ 。 本名湯浅浩幸 、、、、、

Biography of a fictional mediocre painter, Yebosi Yuasa


Ebosi Yuasa